Monday, September 21, 2009

This is us!

This is a picture of us, Lisa and Dan, taken a couple of weeks ago. We were at Breakaway Records in Austin and snapped this out by the railroad tracks.
We bought our house (our first) here in Austin and moved in on Halloween 2003. The house is 1400 square feet, has 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, living room and kitchen. Behind the house is a 550 square foot cottage apartment that once was a garage. We were looking for a 1950's fixer-upper and that is exactly what we got!
We live a relatively normal and quiet life. We both work a lot so don't have as much time to work on the house (or to simply sit and do nothing) as we would like. Our strategy with the house has been to complete one room at a time. This allows us to actually live here without too much sawdust, cans of paint lying around, and just the general mess that accumulates when DIYers tackle home projects. So far we have totally redone the bathroom, the master bedroom, the TV lounge, and the living room. We also overhauled the yard: new grass, lots of plants, and crushed granite (we thought granite was a good idea at the time - more on that later). The last thing we did was re-do the cottage apartment behind our house. It was pretty shabby and needed major work to get it ready for our new tenant. And now that the apartment is done we can finally get back to work on the main house. We are starting work on the "office" which has become more of a junk room that anything. Does everybody have one of those rooms? The room where all the extra furniture goes, the old chest of drawers that over time ends up being the stash for all kinds of weird odds and ends and papers, boxes never unpacked from when you moved in 6 years ago? We are slowly getting all this junk organized! I am happy to say that just this morning we got rid of our old computer table via craigslist! Yay! We have a sketchy idea of what we want to do in the office, so the execution will be interesting to say the least! Black walls, anyone?
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  1. Your fix-it projects almost look like a way to have fun, and look so good when completed! The turquoise door is vibrant and inviting! Please keep us up to date on what's growing in Dan's dirt box - bet your cat loves it! What's next?

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