Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Trees, Dirty Fingernails

Listening to Factory...I love that song "Gone".

There is a guy in our neighborhood who organizes our yearly tree planting program. Something like 400 trees have been planted in our 'hood over the last 12 years. Pretty amazing. This year we joined up and got two Burr Oak trees (are young trees called saplings?) for only 40 bucks. He dropped them off a couple of days ago and today I planted them. I had never planted trees before but the guy left detailed instructions and it wasn't too bad. It took me about 2 hours to plant both trees and a Pride Of Barbados plant.

Here are the trees. They will grow to be about 20 feet if I do not kill them.

We decided to get the trees because during the 9 months of Texas summer we boil in the house from the evil merciless sunshine that beats down from the west starting midday and not letting up until 9pm. The trees will give us the shade we crave in 10 to 15 years.

Here is one of the holes I dug and here is a picture of the compost and mulch I used. It's from Texas.

Texas Native mulch and compost!

Here is a picture of our cat Burton Cummings. He sat and watched. He never helps and is a camera hog.

Here is a picture of my lawn flamingos, and a picture of my lawn gnome. Will I ever stop liking these things?

Hole as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. Compost 1/3, dirt 2/3's. Here are the trees all planted and mulched. And here, too, is the Pride Of Barbados plant. These things get really pretty orange and yellow flowers in the dreadful 103 degree summers. Gotta wait a year which is fine with me.

I need a manicure. Maybe someday I will learn to wear gloves and take off my rings when I do this kind of stuff.
We are punk rock martha stewart !

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