Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fuzzy Office Chair

Listening to the great Incredible Kidda Band.  How come I just found out about these guys?  They've been around since the 1970's!

Ok, I also just found out one of the cats, one with white fur in particular, is as crazy about our newly recovered office chair as we are.  Here is the pictoral blow by blow of how I did it.

First, you take a chair.  We have this really great office chair we wanted to keep but the teal color left us cold.  I hate teal unless it's on one of the San Jose Sharks.

Prying off the back and seat cushions took a little brute force. I wasn't sure how the cushions were attached and destroying them in the removal process could have resulted in having to scrap the whole project.  Luckily I fairly easily detached the cushions from the chair and saw how very cleverly the cushions were attached in the first place with a hook-on thing and a snap-on thing.  The hook-on thing slides into a hole in the chair frame, and then the snap-on thing snaps the cushion into place.  Very sturdy, the cushions ain't goin' anywhere!

Here is the naked chair frame.  I gave it nice rub down with a wet cloth to get off any old dirt and crud that had been lurking under the cushions.

Since this is going in our black room, well, black would be a good color for the chair.  I had some fake black fur left over from an old aborted project and thought this would be perfect for the chair.  I was so right!  Covering a chair seat is about one of the easiest projects around.  Usually all you need is a staple gun and fabric.  Lay the cushion on the fabric and staple away while pulling the fabric tight so you don't have wrinkles.  Then trim the edges with scissors.

I covered both the back and seat cushions.  Putting them back on the chair frame was really easy with the hook and snap.

And look at this chair!  I am so happy with it, it's very comfy and stylish, and one of a kind I might add. And it only took about 30 minutes to do the whole damn thing! Nice!

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