Monday, March 8, 2010

The Breeding Rock Buttons

Listening to The Sword .  Love them, always have, always will.

Dan buys lots of records.  Punk rock records in particular, usually on-line and directly from the bands themselves.  Punk rock bands tend to include neat things like stickers and buttons in the mailers along with the records.  Most of these items are pretty cool and Dan has a growing collection, especially of buttons.  We have an antique work table (that needs to be refinished or painted really bad) in front of the stereo and speaker cabinet in the living room.  This table is where our records, playlists and mail lands, and is where we prep our radio shows, not to mention just a place where we hang out a lot and listen records.  So, Dan's buttons and stickers end up here.

He has gotten into the habit of poking all these buttons into the cover of the right-hand stereo speaker. At first this was ok.

As this collection grows I thought it was time to get something, like a bulletin board, to hang all the buttons on, instead of keeping them on the speaker cover where they surely would begin to block the sound coming from the other side.  We figured a bulletin board with the ever expanding  button collection could be sort of like a changeable work of art.

We wanted to put the bulletin board on a narrow wall near the stereo.  A pre-made bulletin board in just this size was not to be had, so I made one.

This is kind of dumb project that any trained monkey can do. Very easy. 

I found a perfectly sized picture frame at IKEA.  I got some 1/4" cork tiles and cut them to fit the picture frame backboard with a plain old pair of scissors.  I used the sticky squares that came with the tiles to mount them.  And the picture frame came with a couple of hanger brackets and wire that I also used....and there ya go!  A custom sized bulletin board to fit the narrow wall space, close to the turntable and speakers, with ample room for all the rock buttons. 

Dan looks thrilled, doesn't he?  He is a good sport.  I made him pose for this picture.

It occurred to me that you could cover the cork with fabric.  I like the cork just as it is.  Observe the lovely bulletin board:

I've always liked the Munster Records button best of all.  You can't go wrong with cat ears.

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